We provide the full range of Tax Services to assist businesses, individuals and organizations with tax strategy, planning and compliance, while delivering broad-base business advisory services. 

Our service including:-

        Business Tax Services
o      Corporate & Business Tax Consulting & Compliance
o       Merger and Acquisition and Reorganization Services
o       Employment Compensation and Benefits

        Indirect Tax & Customs Services
o     Indirect Tax Advisory including advising companies, firms and individuals   
    on Sales / Services Tax matters and planning
o     Indirect Tax Management including attending to registration, renewals,
     periodic returns and compliance
o      Customs and Excise Duties
Customs Incentive and Procedures

        Stamp Duty, Real Property Gain Tax and Exchange Control Services

        Personal Taxation Services including Tax Returns & Planning for Individuals, Partnership

        Specialist Taxation Services
o       Tax Audits
o       Investigations

        Foreign Direct Investment Advisory Services

        Corporate Taxation Advisory Services: Advising large Companies / Corporation matters, including also foreign taxation matters on Indian corporations

        Tax Management Services: Attending to the matters of tax laws compliance

        Tax appeals: Drafting and representing tax appeals before appellate authorities Appellate Tribunal

        Tax Planning: Advising clients on structuring tax efficient business planning, industry business such as amalgamations / merger, etc.

        Services relating to Double Taxation relief, etc.

        Liaising with Senior Tax Counsels for obtaining legal opinions, conducting tax litigation references and writ petition, etc.